Does Age Matter Vlog


Dating and What Men Think about Hair!

Last week, I posted a survey on my Instagram (@The_Fire_Jayde) and on the FB profile @TheFireJayde which questioned:

The response was amazing! To make things more “at home,” the survey was presented to men only between the ages of 18-65 who resided in Georgia. Of the replies, there were a few men who’s answers stuck out the most. A majority felt hair length did not matter with only a handful stating it does.

@King_Awesome77 replied:

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It’s not a setback; It’s a LESSON.

At one point, I could recall literally sitting on the floor in my bedroom listening to Spotify hoping at some point that I would be able to escape the dreadful misery of writer’s block. The more I tried, the more nothing came to mind and I felt as if the ability to express my inner thoughts had escaped for good. Nothing at that time made sense to me and for once, I was left with nothing to say. Continue reading