Vlog: My $0.02 on Short vs Long vs Natural vs Processed

Here’s the blog post if you’d like to catch up! Dating and What Men Think about Hair!

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Dating Atlanta: Singles & Date Night Ideas (Giveaway inside)

Happy Thursday Everyone! Hopefully you all have plans for the weekend but if you don’t then allow me to help you out!

Groupon has always been not just a good way to have a good time on a budget but also a wonderful go-to when looking for fun stuff to get into. When I first moved to Georgia back in 2014, I relied on this site to get me around town without friends and you know what? It worked! Continue reading

It’s not a setback; It’s a LESSON.

At one point, I could recall literally sitting on the floor in my bedroom listening to Spotify hoping at some point that I would be able to escape the dreadful misery of writer’s block. The more I tried, the more nothing came to mind and I felt as if the ability to express my inner thoughts had escaped for good. Nothing at that time made sense to me and for once, I was left with nothing to say. Continue reading