Hair is like Relationships

Have you ever stood back and realized just how similar finding the right hair products was to finding the man of your dreams? Continue reading


It’s not a setback; It’s a LESSON.

At one point, I could recall literally sitting on the floor in my bedroom listening to Spotify hoping at some point that I would be able to escape the dreadful misery of writer’s block. The more I tried, the more nothing came to mind and I felt as if the ability to express my inner thoughts had escaped for good. Nothing at that time made sense to me and for once, I was left with nothing to say. Continue reading

Society: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Believe it or not, society plays a role in all relationships regardless of them being good or bad. You might be in a healthy relationship but because of the standards set by society, others begin to question why you haven’t married by now. You might be the most successful business man or woman, but if you’re single, people might begin to wonder what’s wrong with you. Expectations are sometimes created out of conformity and what may be in the best interest of others, not you. We live where the gray does not exist, only black and white. There is no in-between and when you do step out of the box, only those who are just like you, recognize you. This is where cliques are created because at that point, they realize that they are not the only ones who feel a way…there are many more just like them. If we as a community continue to allow ourselves to be judged not by who we are as individuals but by materials, races, religious followings and so on, we will continue to be the enemy to ourselves. It’s not always others who kill us but rather ourselves.

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Not in my backyard: Poverty

Photo Credit: Protesters outside the U.S. Capitol during a Poor People’s Campaign rally on June 23, 2018JOSE LUIS MAGANA / AP

Poverty in the United States has been an ongoing issue for years and now with the government’s shutdown, we intend to see it spike even higher. This post will not be one from a political stance but solely my research and opinions shared regarding a stance for society. Continue reading


Too many are blinded by the challenges designed to indirectly destroy instead of building them. So they seek out the latest #challenge and try to upstage one another when instead they are defeating not just themselves, but the future leaders.

Let’s do better.


-The Fire Jayde

Let Go


Sometimes the hardest things to let go are the ones that are most damaging to the spirit. You have to learn to live without their pain and rage in order to really begin cherishing the goodness life has to offer.

-The Fire Jayde